Sergei Parinov
Curriculum Vitae
Sergei Parinov

Internet Technologies for Society and Economy

Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (IEIE)
Office Address:†
pr. Lavrentieva, 17†
Novosibirsk 630090 Russia
Email: Fax: +7 (3832)-302580
Phone: +7 (3832)-304440

Career Summary

Department Head (Information Technologies in Economic Systems) from 1997, Senior researcher 1989-1995, Researcher 1985-1989, Assistant researcher 1983-1985, Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (IEIE) pr. Lavrentieva, 17, Novosibirsk, Russia


* Doctor of Sciences, (Professor equivalent), Technical/Computer Science, 2000, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia.
* Candidate of Sciences (Economics)/Doctor of Economic Science (Ph.D. equivalent), 1983, Central Economic Mathematics Institute, Moscow, Russia.
* Diploma of graduation, (M.S. equivalent), Mathematical Economics, 1978, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Teaching Experience

Lecturer at the Center of European Studies and Economic Department of Novosibirsk State University. Special courses: 1)Networked Socio-Economic Phenomena (2003); 2)From Information Systems to Online Community Infrastructure (2000-2002); 3) Economy in a Cyberspace (1997); 4)Information Processes in an Economy (1996); 5)Economic Development and Information Technologies (1996); 6)Information Space for a Business (1993).

Research Experience

2001-2002 - Research on "Networked Economy" topics. Creation of the Collective Modeling Technology within TERRA-2000 project funded by IST program of European Commission. Next stage of the Socionet project (funded by the Ford Foundation).

2000-1998 - Socionet project (funded by Ford Foundation and Russian Fund for Social Science). Russian Virtual Laboratory for Economists and Sociologists (funded by Russian Fund for Social Science). Online Community - Networked Economy research and administation of an interest group. Other research: a)Agent-based Simulations of Socio-Economic Systems; b)Information Robot as an Online Representative of Researcher; c)Internet traffic as a source of economic indicators (and online database). Participation in the Sustainable Information Society Project (ForSIS) and ASIS.

1997-1996 - Russian language and telecooperation specialist at the European Telework Online project. Creation of the Internet Resources for Social Science Researchers (funded by Russian Fund for Social Science). Research of Russian market functioning and creating of World Wide Web (WWW) "Business Information Activity in Russia" (funded by Russian Fund for Social Science). Head of the Siberian Business Review Interactive on the Internet project. Economic impact of information technologies research.

1995-1994 - One semester scholarship from Fulbright Program (host - Krannert School of Management at Purdue University). Head of "The Siberian Business Review" and WWW "Siberia: Culture, Economy, Business" projects (financial support from The Novosibirsk Business Support Center, USAID Business Development Program).† Head of "Russian Fund for Social Science" project (Microeconomics Model of Russian Market Mechanism"). Completed 3 week program in Regional Economic Development funded by USAID, and presented the State University of New York at Plattsburgh in co-operation with AED.† Siberian co-ordinator of International Science Foundation (Soros Network Foundations).

1993-1991 - "Business† Activity† Monitoring† in† Russia" research project† development† and† realization. Computer technology development to interpret and codify commercial information† flows. Compiling and publishing surveys on the state† of† Russian commodity market and Siberian innovation† market† (more than 25 surveys were published in the framework of the project).

Experience in Information Technologies

Design and development of the network forms for the followings:
†† a) academic community (unified information environment for Russian social scientist and a network infrastructure for moving the community to an online form);
†† b) library of academic institute (electronic delivery service based on the scanner tools and online publications catalogue);
†† c) "hardcopy" publication (development of Siberian Business Review's group of interest, method of public selection of articles and authors for next issues, Virtual Club as a method of the readers-authors communication, Virtual Market Place as a tool for business links);
†† d) publication and archives for research documents (a service for electronic publishing of research materials in online mode by their authors);
†† e) students classroom (development of virtual classroom creation for the students of Economic Department at Novosibirsk State University);
†† f) project team working (develoment of virtual office and network form of project management based on the Basic Support of Cooperative Work software);
†† g) group communication (development of web forums based on the HyperNews software);
†† h) user's information orientation (using search engine SWISH-E software and users' interest profiles for automated filtering).

Project management experience includes leadership and supervision for:
†† a)Socionet project (telework with a team of 15 members);
†† b)Russian Virtual Laboratory for Economists and Sociologists project (dispersed and networked team with more then 10 participators, 1997);
†† c)Siberian Business Review Interactive (with four people as a staff, 1995-1997);
†† d)Russian part of the European Telework Online Project (two people, 1997);
†† e)Microeconomic Model of Russian Market Mechanism research project (5 researchers, 1993-1997).
†† f)all-Siberian coordinator for the International Science Foundation at Soros Network Foundations (about 1000 research projects managed in 1993-1995).

Research Interests

Network Forms of Organizations and Institutions, Theory of Microeconomic Interaction and Coordination, Information Processing of Economic Agents, Economic Impact of Information Technologies.

Doctor Dissertation

Title: "Online community: research and design methods".
Abstract: The main results of the dissertation include a theoretical concept of information interactions in social systems, agent-based model of online community, a method to build statistical indicators from Internet traffic data, a concept of a network services as an infrastructure of online community functioning.
Year: 2000

Candidat Dissertation

Title: "Modeling and Analysis of Economic Growth (One-product Continuous Models with Lag)".
Dissertation Advisor: Emil Ershov.
Abstract: The dissertation develops methods of statistical evaluation of continuous model parameters using spline functions. Statistical verification of the economic fidelity of the models is provided and methods of enhancing their fidelity are reviewed.
Year: 1983

The main Publications

1. Super-market, ECO, # 6, 1993. (in Russian)
2. Analysis of Price Dynamics in the Russian Market in the Second half of 1993 (co-author, in Russian), ECO, #4, 1994.
3. Novosibirsk Region Investment Projects Pattern (co-author, in Russian), ECO, #5, 1994.
4. Business Activity Dynamics in the Russia in the First half of 1994 (in Russian), ECO, #8, 1994.
5. Regional Distribution of Business Activity in Russia, Voprosy Economiki, #3, 1995 (co-authors, in Russian).
6. The History of Siberian Investment Projects in 1993-94, Problemy Prognozirovania, #4, 1995 (co-author, in Russian).
7. Siberian Economic Rating among Russian Regions, ECO, #10, 1995 (co-authors, in Russian).
8. Pattern of Business Information Activity in Russia, ECO, #6, 1996 (co-author, in Russian).
9. Virtual Siberian Economy, ECO, #9, 1996 (in Russian)
10. Microeconomic Model of Agentsí Interaction, Vestnik Rossijskogo Gumanitarnogo Nauchnogo Fonda, #3, 1996 (co-author, in Russian).
11. Internet technology survey, ECO, #1, 1998, p. 173-175. (in Russian)
12. Roots of the Internet Civilization, INTERNET, #15 apr. 1999, p. 74-76. (in Russian)
13. Toward a "Model of Siberia". In "Development of Sustainable Information Society", ASIS Workshop in Novosibirsk, 1999, p. 35-42. (in Russian)
14. Economy in a Cyberspace. In "Development of Sustainable Information Society", ASIS Workshop in Novosibirsk, 1999, p. 43-56. (in Russian)
15. Networked Economy in a virtual environment. In Vestnik RFFI, #3, 1999, p. 41-46. (in Russian)
16. Internet based economy of the 21st century, Information Society, #2, 1999, p. 33-43. (in Russian)
17. An Active Information Robot as a Personal Network Agent of Researcher (illustrated through the RePEc/RuPEc online resources in Economics), E-LIB, S-Petersburg, 1999, p. 104-111 (co-authors, in Russian).
18. Internet for enterprises: "be prepared or die", ECO, #12, 1999, p. 36-49. (in Russian)
19. Agent-Based Model of an Online Community and "TAO" Method. Workshop 2000: Agent-Based Simulation. Christoph Urban (Editor). SCS European Publishing House, 2000, pp.187-192. (co-author, in English)
20. Toward a Theory of Networked Economy. Novosibirsk, IEIE, 2002, 167 pp. (in Russian)
21. Information Society: shapes of the future. In a book "Social and Psychological consequence of ICT using". Moscow Researc Foundation, 2001. (in Russian)

October 2002